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What are the thing that you love doing so much that you lose track of time? Do you do those things often? Does your family share the same interests? I’m going through a Brene Brown phase in my life and over the last couple of months I ‘ve been reading her books and listened to her audio seminar “The Power of Vulnerability”. In one of the chapters she speaks about the importance of play, of doing the we love so much that we lose track of time, those things will rejuvenate us in a way most things doesn’t.

The question is, do you know what those things are in your life? To you and your family share those interests?

In my house we have realised that we all love outdoor fires! We love picnics with hot dogs, hot chocolates and marshmallows over the fire in the garden. When we share those moments we don’t argue, squabble or get cross but feel good together. For us that means that we do not need to run around like loonies over the weekend or holidays, but just stay where we are, potter around in the woods, play with the dog. My son will tend to and nurture the fire, my daughter will spend her afternoon in the treehouse reading, Skye our goldendoodle  will bounce around us all, my husband will do some serious gardening. Me, I will do a bit of everything. But once the weekend is over, we feel calm and reenergised and most importantly we will have had a relaxing time together.

The weekends when we do what we think  families “should do” or that the kids “should like” it all goes pear shaped. We spent two weeks in Florida one year at Universal, even though the kids and I love Harry Potter, most of the time was spent in a state of stress or annoyance. I wanted my kids to have fun all the time, to take the opportunity to see everything and I also wanted them to be grateful beyond imagination……….. My husband didn’t want to be there, my kids loved the Harry Potter shop most of all, they didn’t want to go on the rides, they rarely wanted to do the same things. I was cross, they where cross and most of the time they kept saying, can we not just go back to the pool………

What did that teach us? That going to Universal was not PLAY for anyone of us. We did not come back reenergised and relaxed. We did have lots of good memories, but still it didn’t float our boat.

Next week we are heading to the Alps, and after years of doing this, we now have our routines and priorities sorted. It’s lazy mornings with a good breakfast, it’s a bit of skiing, lots of hot chocolate, it’s time in the pool and lazy evenings with good books.

As a photographer, I want to capture those moments in your life, the time when you feel that you play, when you do things you all love. Most of all I want to capture it and make it in to a story in an album for you.

A long time ago I read this quote, which I love;

“Albums contain fleeting fragments of time, forever frozen, forever then. They do not replace our memories, but instead, enhance and guide them, whilst allowing others to share.” (unknown)

Last week I delivered such album to the Robins family, they invited me to capture their life at it’s best, the things they love doing together. To me the photos captures the true essence of their family.

I feel truly thankful that they get and appreciate what I do, that we together created a priceless family heirloom.