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She sat on my sofa, and she quietly started crying. She was embarrassed and overwhelmed. Why? She saw her family though my eyes, she saw all of them together, she saw her family having a nice time together, she saw and felt the love. It was a early November morning, the weather Gods where kind, and it felt like early September.

I reasently watched a youtube clip about 6 photographers being asked to create a portrait of man they had never met. They, unknow to each other, where told 6 different back stories about this man, and their portraits could not have been any different. The reason being, they all interpreted the mans story in to their portrait. If you are curious check it out here.

I’m well aware that I also interpret my clients stories and they are all coloured by my view of the world, but when something happens like today, then I feel pretty certain that I captured them in a way that is close to their heart, and that makes me feel really really happy!

Nikki’s testimonial:

When I meet Gisela, I felt we connected, she was so friendly and open hearted I felt instantly at ease, knowing also my children would warm to her energy. Our shoot on the sand-dunes was brilliant, her idea, bringing nature and the outdoors into our natural family photo shoot. All went well, she engaged with the children brilliantly, and the whole time was fun fluid and natural. Having the photo viewing session blew my mind. Well needless to say, I cried, was so overwhelmed at the love I felt for my children seeing the slide show she put together……my heart opened and happiness flew out in ‘happy’ tears. She really captured love in the photo’s and seeing us as a family from the outside was a wonderful and gratifying feeling. I never felt that from the portraits session we had of my older two, even though they were lovely, they didn’t have the same effect on me as Gisela’s have had. I just can’t wait now to have them on my wall to remind me of how amazing my children are, especially in those difficult moments! Thank you Gisela, you are an artist and your work captured something really special. I love you for that, truly grateful :o) x Nikki Grierson (The Grierson Family).

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