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IMG_6858 IMG_8241 IMG_8472 IMG_8244Some people say we are what we think, others say that we are what we eat. I think we are both. I know there are lots of 12 step programs out there, but I haven’t seen one for for me, but the day has come for a confession: ( I’m standing up now)

Hi, I’m Gisela Olsson, and I’m addicted to suger. My life has for a long time evolved around FIKA, a brilliant Swedish words which means that it’s time for coffee and cake or tea and a biscuit or an Jersey ice-cream. I’m especially found of the refined white stuff. As long ago as six years ago it was suggested to me that I should quit suger to improve my wellbeing and my health. I couldn’t take that message, and never went back to the practitioner. I just couldn’t see how I could live without suger. But she did plant a seed, and since then I’ve read a few books 🙂

Last year I listened to a podcast with Jonathan Fields and JJ.Virgin. JJ has written Suger Impact Diet among other books, it was through her book that I realised that most of the time you have to cut down gradually to calm the cravings.At Easter I read That Suger Book by Damon Gameau and it really hit home. I now feel ready to take this beast. I’m cutting down, I’m doing one small change at a time, which is new to me. I would  normally go cold turkey, and I would feel smug and proud of myself until the day when I didn’t have the willpower to resist, then I would feel disappointed , embarrassed and like a huge failure. This time I’m taking it gradually.

First step is to becoming aware of the hidden suger in what I eat. The second step is to reduce and then cut out refined suger. The third step is take one small step at a time, to kind to myself. The fourth is to find different rewards, substitute for fika.

On that note, I tried out a new recipe, these are to replace the divine Swedish chocolate balls and are called Almond Butter Bliss Balls and was introduced to me at the Wellness day with Mama Jones last Sunday.They were super easy to make, healthier than most treats, no refined suger but filled with lots of goodness. You can find the recipe here.