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A wellness day and an introduction to the  LOVE LIST CIRCLE

It’s a  cold, rainy Monday afternoon in St. Brelade, i.e a perfect time to tell you about what I did over the weekend as well as a couple of weeks ago. Sunday is my “Family session” day, but yesterday was a day for me, a day of Wellness. Nicolette Jones held her first Wellness day in Jersey at the Isis Center in St.Lawrence. It was such a treat to have a day of yoga, meditation, juicing, as well as being introduced to raw food. Turns out there was a lot to learn about making smoothies and juicing, and I now have a few new recipes up my sleeve.

If you feel like a gentle day devoted to your wellbeing, why not contact Nicolette. The next one is 7th June.

Nicolette Jones is a Lifestyle coach for women, coaching nutrition, lifestyle, mindset and self- love. Up until recently I didn’t know her, but I have come to see that she is a woman on a mission, a bundle of love, who wants all of us to thrive. Nicolette is also the  founder of Love List Circle, networking events for soul based, ambitious business women on a mission. The first event was held a few weeks ago, and I was one of first sisters in the spotlight.

I have to admit, I’m not the queen’s bee when it comes to networking, and it was a long time ago since I was speaking in public, but as I’m on this mission to get out of my comfort zone and embrace life and opportunities, I challenged myself to say yes when Nicolette asked me! I’m delighted to say that it went really well, in the room was 50 enthusiastic, encouraging and entrepreneurial women. Never has the voice and the heart of my business reached so many people in one go 🙂11080353_10153225428565482_5875490338440719042_o