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My desire to live gratefully started several years ago when I read Grethen Rubin’s book ” The Happiness project”. I loved her book, as it gave me tools that I needed at the time, but I did find that the feeling of Happiness was complicated, it’s such a fleeting state. What I have since discovered it that  joy and gratitude feels more reachable and honest, it also feels as if it has deeper resonance. What I have learnt is that gratitude is not dependant on specific events but on choices and attitude. As Janice Kaplan describes it in her book “The Gratitude Diaries”

It (gratitude) requires an active emotional involvement – you can’t be passively grateful, you actually have to stop and feel it, experience the emotion. So it creates an inner richness that’s sustaining in difficult times as well as good ones. Savouring what you have is never straightforward. It’s easy to look at someone else and think how lucky they are and how wonderful it would be to have their life and success. But what any of us feel on the inside is rarely the same as what is perceived from the out side”

So, I make a decision to be grateful every day. Before I fall a sleep, I count my blessings but it takes work for me, and I have to keep reminding myself not to skip it, but the feeling lasts, it’s worth it, I feel more content.

So today on Mother’s day here are the three things I’m most grateful for.

I’m grateful that I have a good relationship with my mother – that we have an honest dialogue and can share lots of laughs together.

I’m thankful that my mother gets to share so many memories with her grandchildren, from everyday things like breakfast and coffee at Costa’s to summer adventures exploring new places.

But today I’m most grateful that I have learnt to see and appreciate the small magical things in life that we all  share.