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I meet so many families that have lived in so many different places, families who move every couple of years. What I love about all of them is that their priority is so clear, to them what makes a home is not what it looks like or were it is, but that they are together.  I meet one of those globettrotting famiiles last week and I was amazed at how quickliy they had adopted the Jersey life as well as hwo seamlessly their kids had adapted to a new country, a new school and new friends.  Spending a morning with them was such a treat, even though I know what kind of mayhem that goes on in every home just before I arrive ( getting ready, the right clothes, the right attitude..) once I was there, there was a feeling of ZEN, of bliss.

Most of all I got to dip in to the wonderful world of two boys under the age of five, to experience the wonder, the complet and natural state of mindfulness that we grown ups struggle with.  It get’s me every time,  maybe it’s not we who are here to teach the children, maybe they are there to teach us!

Anouch and Nick, thank you for choosing me!

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