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Love and attention
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bo cadwell

My world revolves around my family and photography. As a lifestyle and portrait photographer, these parts of my life are entwined together as I love capturing and creating heirlooms for other families. As a mum, I encourage my kids to grow as individuals to become confident, self-reliant children who are good communicators. I do this by noticing and mentioning exactly what they have done which I like, as I believe that by doing so I’m motivating them to grow good habits. It also makes them feel uniquely appreciated as individuals.

I try hard do see the world through their eyes, with their agendas in my mind to get to know them better and understand their reactions and feelings.

As a photographer, I utilise the same skills to gain my clients trust. I believe that by gaining your trust and getting to know you, I will be able to capture not only for families faces but hearts and souls as well.

To strengthen the feeling of intimacy in my photography, I work exclusively on-location with natural light, which compliments my belief of taking honest, simple images that capture the love and connection a family enjoys.

The end results are family heirlooms that celebrate memories that will forever warm your heart and grace your walls, desks or coffee tables.