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I‘m in awe of what the Caring Cook team does in the Let’s get cooking scheme.The skills they equip these kids with are invaluable.  I am so impressed with Rachel, Caring Cook’s facilitator how she managed to see and help all of the pupils as well as encourage them to taste the new vegetable dishes.

I can’t believe how many things got throw in the lesson,  use of their maths skills, reading and writing, knife skills, hygiene-, nutrition- and shopping skills.During all of this, the kids were listening attentively as well as helping each other.

To top it all of, Rachel got the kids to be brave as well as kind, skills that for me are worth a lot more than geography 🙂

Below is Melissa’s testimonial to why she chooses to work with me. If you have an organization, that could benfit from some storytelling images, get in touch.

Personally my husband and I chose Gisela to capture our family from the moment we found out we were having our first child, for many reasons.  Simply put we loved the work that she had shot before but we also loved Gisela.  She spent time with us, got to know us and eventually our children, and the things we loved to do and the places we loved to see, and we felt she cared about documenting our family history as much as we did.  So when Caring Cooks decided to capture our work in photographs, there was naturally only one person I wanted to work with.

As a nonprofit organisation it’s often hard to convey the importance of the work that you do so we wanted to capture this in our images and bring to life the beauty of our work and the children and families we work with.  Gisela spent a lot of time with us in 2017, across all of our programmes, from being in the kitchen for our meal service to planting crops in our kitchen gardens and with our parents as they learned new skills in the kitchen, which to some of the people would be quite daunting.  But as always Gisela put everyone at ease, just let things happen naturally and captured the shots we wanted.

Having these professional photos has created so many opportunities for our organisation.  It has allowed us to create beautiful marketing materials, showcase our work on our website and we truly value them – they have bookmarked a time in the history of Caring Cooks which we will continue to do in the future, using Gisela Olsson.

Kind regards

Melissa Nobrega

Founder and Chief Executive

Caring Cooks of Jersey Tel – 07797 728807