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Motherhood is hard work, it expose our values,it makes us question our habits and is shame trigger like nothing else. There is few things that women feel more judged on then motherhood and appearance, and it’s certainly a topic that everyone as an opinion on.

But why are we all so harch and quick to judge each other? We are all doing our best, we are all loving our children more than we can express in words, we are all afraid that something will happen to them, we all lose our temper, we all cry, we’re all wondering if we are prioritiseing the right things and doing what is best for us and for them. We are all at loss with having to come up with a healthy dinner E V E R Y D A Y. We are all wondering how everyone else can have such a perfect life…..

I often think, what if we worried less about the future, about what other people will think, if we tried to do less things and instead just stopped in our step and experienced the wonder that life is, what would life be like then?

I think it would be more laughter, more hugs, more connection and a stronger sense of belonging. And I do think family life would be more fun and more harmonious if we slowed down, judged less and hugged more!

Mother’s day is soon upon us,  it’s a day when we all cringe a little, threat about what to get mum…

I’m guessing that I’m not unique in the fact that all I want is a day together with my family, one when we just hang out, one when life feels effortless and simple. A day when the intention is to giggle and cuddle, a day with no expectations and no judging.

When I spoke to my mum, she expressed a wish to have some photos of her grandchildren which is what we set out to create in 5 min today…

I wanted it to be effortless and simple…

It wasn’t, there where tears, there were temper, there were harsh words utter by yours truly to my kids for not cooperating with MY AGENDA….. but we got there in the end, we got some photos. My kids  did it for me because they knew it mean a lot to me, they where a lot more forgiving than I was and I find, over and over, that it’s them teaching me things about life and not the other way around.

And here they are, our 5 min photo shoot in the livingroom, our celebration of my mum, my children’s grandmother my husbands mother-in-law. The kindest and most patient woman I have ever meet. My mother, who’s choices I have not always supported or understood, who’s opinion I have not always valued, who’s values and actions I have judged harsher than anyone else’s. My mother who turned out to be braver than I could ever have imagined, who is both stubborn and stronger than we give her credit for, who is a lioness when it comes to the well being of her children, and who is a true inspiration when it comes to practice compassion and empathy especially when it comes to her children..

I am truly thankful that she is mine!

If you want to celebrate your mother with a photo shoot, get in touch.


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