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I believe that pleasure is in many things, and very, very often in the very small things. Like the smell of freshly baked bread, a smile from a fellow driver on the road, a great song on the radio. Often though, we are not mindful enough to discover the pleasure and it passes us by, or we are simply to accustomed to seeing and feeling pain or punishment. For a while now, my daily intension has been to find pleasure. My pleasure this morning was to find my office desk still tidy and neat, even though the kids used it yesterday. It was such a positive surprise it put a smile to my face. 😉

Another thing that made me feel joy was showing the below images to Vix on Tuesday.I photographed her growing family in the early autumn and then again a couple of weeks ago, when their son Teddy was 4 weeks old.Viewing the slideshow with Vix, gave me pleasure. The emotional impact the images had on her, the change she could already notice in  both her daughter and her son since we did our sessions, the love that was so tangible in the room. The delight on her face, and the significance to her of me photographing her family in her home. Every time I get asked to photograph a family with a newborn baby, I feel humbled and thankful that my clients lets me share their moments, their stories and that gives me pleasure.

What I love about these photos is, that they are soft and gentle, you can see that Teddy is just four weeks old, you can see that mum and dad  are overjoyed but also tired, and you can see that having a second baby is a different story from having your first, there is no such thing a calm blissful state of silence, because when there is a two year old in the house, then there is always joy, mischief  and laughter around the corner or tantrums…..

Enjoy your weekend, and do go full on Pollyanna and find pleasure!