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I have used Gisela twice to take family pictures of me and my children. She is so easy and great to work with and makes everyone feel at ease. The outcome is lovely natural looking photos that we adore.
Having really good photos of us as a family is very important to me. Gisela is an incredibly talented photographer who just gets it right and makes us all look our very best.
My children grow so quickly and the two snapshot in time we have in the photos taken by Gisela are capturing that beautifully. I am doing another one in a few years time just before my youngest goes to university.
I have in addition to two great collages on my wall, got the beautiful leather bound photo albums for us to look through together. We have done that often and it gives us the most cosy feeling of family and time spent together. Those albums will be passed down through the family and help us remember for years to come.
Much love