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We are stronger and better together! Thursday was all about raising money and awareness of the charity After Breast Cancer Support Group. The After Breast Cancer Support Group was founded in 1999 by ordinary women who have themselves experienced breast cancer. As a result of their experiences, members of the Group are able to offer hope, support and friendship to women at any stage of breast cancer. They help with:

cleaning and ironing services whilst receiving treatment

childcare services whilst receiving treatment.

cost of wig purchases.

post-operative bras

lymphoedema sleeves

a special goody bag is given out on the day of surgery with all the essentials for your hospital stay.

nipple tattooing after reconstructive surgery

return flights to the UK for appointments and treatment.

They  have also recently purchased a new portable scanner for the Breast Care Unit and a vein finder and chemotherapy fridge for the Oncology Department. After Breast Cancer Support Group support others going through treatment emotionally, and can help arrange  one on one talks, they also have a walk in clinic  on the  last Wednesday of the month at Elim Rock.

Thank you to everyone who came and supported us! A special thanks to Lottie Loves cashmere, who organised this event.

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