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Autism Jersey contacted me in February and asked me if I would help them capture the spirit of what they do and what they are about. I said Yes!

The aim of the charity is to enable people with autism to lead a full and inclusive life and enjoy a reasonable degree of independance. They provide essential support for families, individuals and carers. I got to spend time with the young adult group haning out playing pool at Fort Regent, meet the hardworking ladies in the Autism Jersey Boutique, be part of discussion group as well as hang out with Jack and his family.

I understand that living with as well as supporting someone with autism is hard work, especially as there is no cure, but what I got to be part of was two days of joy with lots of laughter. Especially with Jack who does not speak, he didn’t really acknowledge that I was there with him, capturing what he was up to, instead he was fully focused on what he liked and what he enjoyed, and he enjoys everything sensory. And what a good expericence that was for me, someone who indend to live more in the moment and practice mindfulness.

Jack is truly in the moment.

As every charity, Autism Jersey thrive on donations and they have numberous ways and ideas of how you can help them!

A few simple things you can do, shop at their boutique another is to check out their website and sign up for their newsletter.

Gisela xx


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