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Mum, this is your life choice not mine! That is what my son told me the other day when I was serving up some treats. Changing your own habits are hard, convincing someone else to change theirs – impossible. That is why I have to repeat my mantra over and over again, small changes today make big differences in the future.

Over the past couple of months I have eaten more avocados than before. I would even go as far as saying more than in  my whole life up until two months ago. The same thing goes for dates, never had one before I read That Suger book, or Deliciously Ella.. I realised that to resist refined suger, other options has to be available. This week we have been snacking on Almond Brownies, Almond nut balls, and my own concoction mixing banana and Almond nut balls. Delicious I think, kids however are not impressed. The still prefeer the white stuff.

On step at a time,

Gisela x

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