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Congratulations Melissa Nobrega! The founder of a charity dedicated to encouraging Islanders to eat well together as a family has been named Jersey’s Inspirational Woman of the Year 2016. Today I had the pleasure of being part of International Women’s day breakfast hosted by Jersey Womens Refuge’s. To my utter delighted Caring Cooks of Jersey founder Melissa Nobrega won Barclays-sponsored award Inspirational Woman of the Year 2016. She was chosen from a shortlist of three, which included the Island’s most senior female police officer, Chief Inspector Alison Fossey, and After Breast Cancer support group chairwoman Cheryle Raphael, who has been battling against cancer for many years.

Apart from setting up Caring cooks, she works with a string of local charities as well as set up the Jersey Fundraising Forum as a support network for Island charities. Working with Melissa is inspiring, not only does she have clear goals and visions of what she wants to achieve, but she always takes the time to show her gratitude for the work people around her does. Caring Cooks of Jersey does a fantastic jobb in Jersey supporting families through hardship and allowing them to eat well and eat together at least once a week without having to cook or spend money on ingredients. Did you know that they prepared and delivered more than 3000 meals in 2015.

I’m proud to volunteer my time and help them in the best way I can, though photography and once again congratulation Melissa, you are a very worthy winner!

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