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I did something brave 12 months ago, I decided it was time to deal with my backpack of junk. The one that I have been carrying for a long time, the one that has been holding me back, making me sick and depressed. Encouraged by a friend I had looked in to Brandon Bay’s The Journey and I decided that I wanted to dig deeper and find out more, that is how I found Eve Andrews of Nartaka Therapies.

What started out as a one hour consultation, became a year of Journey work where lots of layers of junk was disposed and put to rest. My whole reason for going to Eve was to get healthier, up until May last year every bug in Jersey seemed to floor me,  but in the journey process I have not only regained my health  I have become more carefree,  braver yet more content. An additional bonus is that my business has blossomed as I have rekindled my love with both my business and photography.

Thank you Eve, you are a shining light of no judgement, of love and light, I feel so grateful to have found you.

In Eve’s word, this is how she felt about our portrait session.

I was delighted with the wonderful session I had with Gisela. She made me feel totally relaxed and at ease with her wonderful bubbly personality. Gisela has a gift to bring out the very best in  her clients in fun and caring way. It was so much fun I quiet forgot she was taking my photos. I ended up with the best photos ever. Thank you Gisela.

If you want to know more about what Eve Andrew’s does, you can contact her on her mobile or website:

Eve Andrews

Aura-Soma Practitioner and Journey Therapist  

Nartaka Therapies

Mob: 07797 756515

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