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My son Toby moved into double digits and I realised some of the innocence of childhood would soon be gone and I really wanted to capture the essence of him at this wonderful age. Gisela was recommended to us from a friend which is always good because in making such an investment you need to be comfortable that you are going to be happy with the outcome. Gisela did not disappoint! Gisela engaged with us as a family beforehand to see what we liked, what we wanted and how best to achieve it. Being outdoors was really important to us as there are some gorgeous places in Jersey. In particular Gisela encouraged Toby to bring along things he loved – which was his cricket bat. The session was fun, engaging and not staged. The photos were so beautiful it was difficult to pick which ones we loved the most. When I’ve since asked Toby what he thought – he said Gisela was really good fun. That is most certainly a compliment from a child! Looking at the photos now on our walls never fails to raise a smile and comment.