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The importance of Strong Self-Esteem in children

Children behave well, take, responsibility, try new things and persevere, can weather life’s knocks, stand up for themselves, value others and form loving relationships when self-esteem is strong.

To build strong self-esteem parents need to:

*Approve and affirm their children using Descriptive Praise

*Acknowledge children’s feelings, ideas and opinions

*Encourage self-reliance by helping them develop skills and feel capable

*Model confident behaviour, avoid putting ourselves down and handle failures constructively .

(From and How to bring out the best in Children by Elaine Halligan and Melissa Hood of The Parent Practice

What would I have done with out The Parent Practice? They thought me everything I know about raising children, and I use the skills every day at home and at every single photo shoot I do.

What I love the most about what I do, is getting to know the people I photograph and understand what is important to them. What  their values are and what they like doing together. All of that helps me on the way to capture what is truly unique about them and it also helps me gain their trust to capture them the way they are.

I have know Paul and Victoria for a few years and was delighted when they asked me to capture their family, especially as Paul is a very keen photographer himself and seems to know every photographer on this island:-) Hanging out with the Labesse family it became clear to me that they have very strong family values and shared interests. All of them keen LeicesterCity FC supporters, all of them very creative and visionary with a love of colour. Another thing that struck me was how much fun they have together, they laugh a lot, then hang out, they enjoy each others company.With that in the back of my mind I set out to capture all that they are about and together we created  a fun day filled with laughter and family fun. I delighted to say that they now have a beautiful family heirloom album as well as frames and storyboards that tells their story of 2016, the year the Foxes won the Premier League.

Gisela x

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