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{F]ew businesses owners have believed in me as much as Nathalie Walker of has, few have pushed me out of my comfort zone as much as she has. Non has been as persistant as she has, that she wanted to work with me.  I didn’t think I could do it, that I was up to the job, I suggested every other photographer on the island that I could think of, I’m humbled, delighted and grateful that she still chose me, because of if I have grown as a photographer and woman, I have had fun along the way and have have been fortunate to be trusted to explore my creative eye. Running your own small business it becomes even more apparent how important it is to support and encourage each other to grow.  I love seeing how Nathalie has taken her idea and made it happen. She will be at Spirit of Summer Fair at Olympia London on the 17 -20th June, her jewellery is also sold at Manna in St.Helier or you can always pop over to her website

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